Grab A Prop!

Hire includes a random selection from our box of props & accessories
(Props & accessories may differ from those illustrated)

Your happy booth assistant will be there to make sure that everyone leaves a message in the guest book - to keep the props tidy & to insure that everything is running tickity-boo!

​​​​​​Open Air Booth

Open plan booths allow more space for group photos - The spectacle of the tom-foolery draws an audience, which is both entertaining & encouraging for onlookers to join in the fun!!​

Photo-Booth Hire - from £295

Photo-Booth      Photo-Booth      Photo-Booth

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Events & Sports Photography With On-Location Printing & Photo-Booth Hire

Strike A Pose !!​

​​​​Double Photo Strips

Touch Screen Selfie Pod ​​

Our unique walnut selfie pod provides a touch of vintage chic to compliment all posh & la-di-da events or occasions - Quirky unforgettable photo fun!

Installed with digital SLR to ensure flattering photos​!


Photo-Booth      Photo-Booth

Vintage Chic​

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